Board of Trustees

The OWWA Board

OWWA is administered by the Board of Trustees through the Secretariat headed by the Administrator as the Chief Executive Officer and assisted by two Deputy Administrators.


The Board of Trustees is the policy making body. It is a tripartite body with twelve (12) members representing the Government, management, and labor-OFW. Pursuant to RA 8042, a representative from the women sector was included. Below are the current members of the Board of Trustees:


   1. Chairperson: SEC. SILVESTRE H. BELLO III Department of Labor and Employment
   2. VIce-Chair: ADMIN. HANS LEO J. CACDAC Overseas Workers Welfare Administration
   3. Usec. SARAH LOU Y. ARRIOLA Department of Foreign Affairs
   4. Usec. GIL S. BELTRAN Department of Finance
   5. Usec. HERMAN B. JUMILLA Department of Budget and Management
   6. Admin. BERNARDO P. OLALIA Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
   7. Capt. FELIXBERTO I. REBUSTES Sea-Based OFW Sector Representative
   8. Ms. ESTRELLA D. AÑONUEVO Women Sector Representative
   9. Atty. ANTONIO B. PARTOZA, JR. Land-Based Recruitment Sector Representative
   10. Capt. EMMANUEL L. REGIO Manning Sector Representative
   11. Dr. CELERINO L. UMANDAP OFW Land-Based Sector Representative



To deliver its programs, benefits and services to the OFWs and their families, OWWA set-up Field Offices overseas and in the regions. To date, OWWA has 35 posts in 25 countries overseas and 17 Regional Welfare Offices in the country.


The Responsibilities and Powers of the Board of Trustees
Pursuant to EO No. 537 the Board is vested with the following responsibilities and powers:

1. To adopt policies, rules, and regulations to implement the objectives and purposes of OWWA;
2. To approve programs, projects, and the organizational structure of the OWWA Secretariat;
3. To formulate rules and regulations governing financial transactions, as well as fix the yearly appropriations of the Secretariat;
4. To ensure the efficiency of collection and the viability and sustainability of fund through sound and judicious investment and fund management policies; and
5. To perform any other act to attain the objectives and purposes of OWWA.