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Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello, concurrent GRP Panel Chair for Peace Negotiations with the CPP/NPA/NDF, seeks support for the ongoing peace talk from more than 300 Filipinos during a Peace Forum held Sunday, January 22 in Milan, Italy.


The Philippine Consulate General, including the Philippine Overseas Labor Office and OWWA, conducted the peace forum in collaboration with the OFW Watch Italy, a confederation of more than 120 Filipino organizations in Italy.


Consul General Marichu Mauro referred to the peace forum as a groundbreaking event, being the first of its kind to be held in Milan since the establishment of the Consulate in 1995.  She conveyed to Secretary Bello the importance of all overseas Filipinos being stakeholders in the “bigger table” of the peace process.


Secretary Bello conveyed the assurances of President Rodrigo Duterte to all overseas Filipinos to streamline the procedure in obtaining travel documents, and to establish an OFW bank to handle the remittances of Filipino workers.  Secretary Bello discussed the ongoing peace process and emphasized the importance of eliminating the root causes of conflicts in the Philippines, where the social and economic impact of peace in the nation will no longer drive the Filipinos out to work in foreign lands.  He said that “peace is sine qua non to progress”.


During the open forum, the Filipino community expressed its concern on the peace and order situation in their hometown that affects their education and business investments.  They also expressed the need for reintegration assistance considering that the first generation of Filipino migrants in Italy seeks to return to the country.  In response, the Secretary talked of the President’s dream to win the Filipinos back, when there are more investments and decent jobs to keep them at home.


Joining Secretary Bello during the Peace Forum were GRP Panel Members Atty. Angela Trinidad and Angeles City Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan, Director Jesus Cruz of DOLE and Acting Labor Attache and OWWA Welfare Officer Jocelyn Hapal.

OWWA and Reintegration Program and Bread and Pastry Production as Livelihood for Bucheon Filipino Migrants Community; 13 March 2016


Bread & Pastry Production of Bucheon Filipino Migrants Community; 21 March 2016


Bread & Pastry Production, Bucheon Filipino Migrants Community; 3 April 2016


Session on 10 April 2016: Bread and Pastry Production for Bucheon Filipino Migrants Community


2016 Bayanihan sa Korea with POLO and Filcomm as lead organizer

Welfare Officer & OIC-POLO – P.E. – South Korea  Manuela Pena ( 3rd from L)  with H.E. Raul Hernandez, Ambassador to Korea ( center ) and Madame Anna Hernandez  with the crowd during the 2016 Bayanihan sa Korea at BanPo Park; a joint MIGRANT WORKERS Day and Independence Day Celebration with the Filipino community and network GOs and NGOs on 12 June 2016.


The Philippine Overseas Labor Office ( POLO) has been the lead Office in the Embassy to plan and carry out the activities of Bayanihan sa Korea every year.


The POLO Staff with the Ambassador and media personality Ms. Mare Yao ( 2nd from R ) who helped organized the event


The Officers of the Embassy with the guests during the 2016 Bayanihan sa Korea


Welfare Officer & OIC-POLO Manuela Pena  hand over together with Ambassador Raul Hernandez to  a token of appreciation / gift  to MR. KIM. PYUNG-HEE, Vice President of Human Resource Development Services – Ministry of Employment and Labor ( HRDS-MOEL) – ROK , the lead Office that implements the government to government program  under the Employment Permit System ( EPS)

2016 Bayanihan sa Korea Special Interview of Filcomm by PTV 4

Ms. Mare Yao (center in sleeveless white blouse)  of PTV 4 and DZMM “ Buhay  Marino “ and Companero, Companera conducted special interview for audio-visual presentation to her program featuring OFW leaders / select Filcomm on 11 June 2016 at the Philippine Embassy-Seoul  as mobilized by the POLO.


Actress Ms. Ellen Adarna (3rd from L)  was also present with OWWA-POLO staff during the interview a day before the 2016 BAYANIHAN SA KOREA



International Symposium on the Prevention of Sex Trafficking, 23 Sept 2015, Seongdong Youth Center


2016 Bayanihan sa Korea

Welfare Officer Manuela Pena (3rd from Left) consulting with Korean and Filipino staff manning the booth of Seoul Global Center, an accredited Center by the Seoul Government serving foreigners  - 12 June; “2016 Bayanihan sa Korea”


With the booth of Filipino EPS Workers ((FEWA)- Korea)


Booth of the KASAMAKO, a Migrante-affiliated Filipino Community


POLO- Korea Welfare Officer Manuela Pena  ( 3rd from L )  on courtesy call and exchanged tokens with Father Kim Hyeongkeun ( 4th from left ) , the Spiritual Adviser of KFCC and Mr. Alex Yoo ( extreme left), the Coordinator of UIjeungbu Exodus Migrant Center   with resource  person  Mr. Leover  Loyola, Land Bank of the Philippines ( LBP ) rep in South Korea


Participants from the KFCC  are eager to attend the seminar as it is the first time that the POLO reached out to their community for the capability training


Financial Planning is the highlight of the Financial Literacy module from Bangko Sentral  AVP that opened the curriculum for the seminar


Welfare Officer Pena expounded the importance of Financial Planning, Saving and Investing for  OFWs for their eventual reintegration


Welof Pena  cites OWWA Programs   that covers the OFW and his family from womb to tomb by explaining its Social Benefits, Scholarships for the OFW-member and dependents including the 2B OWWA-LBP Reintegration Loan Program


LBP Rep to Korea  Mr. Leover Loyola expounded the importance of saving and  sound investment and discusses also the 2-Billion ORP and “Pabahay Para sa Bayani” program of the LBP


HDMF Rep to Korea, Mr. Dominic Leoligao ( standing) also  enticed participants to be a member of PAG-IBIG  to maximize the gains of employment


Welfare Officer Pena presented Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Henry Agaloos, president of Kwanjeok Filipino Catholic Community ( KFCC) who mobilized participants to the Seminar.