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Scholars and OFC-Members Attend Financial Literacy Training

September 18, 2017
Scholars and OFC-Members Attend Financial Literacy Training

17 scholars and 26 members of the OFW Family Circle (OFC) in the National Capital Region (NCR) attended the Financial Literacy Training at the OWWA Multipurpose Hall on 19 August 2017.


This training will encourage you to save and invest for your future needs. We hope that you would learn how to manage your finances and invest wisely.” Reintegration Unit Head Zandro Almendrala said in his opening remarks.


According to Resource Speaker Engr. Marvin James Revilla, a Registered Financial Consultant, the formula for success in life is the art of being, doing, and having – you must know, who you must be and what you must do so that you can attain your goals. He emphasized the 3 steps in financial planning which is to save, invest, and create a goal. According to Engr. Revilla, there are 3 pillars in financial planning – Earning, Managing, and Growing. “You have to earn money, manage it wisely in order for it to grow,” he said.


Engr. Revilla also shared some tips on how to save emergency funds. According to him, the savings should be equivalent to 3 months for an employed individual and 6 months for a business owner’s monthly expenses. He also encouraged the participants to invest in their health insurance as this would help them shoulder their medical expenses in case of emergencies.

Candy Mariel Juego, Batch 12 EDSP scholar, shared her thoughts on the training.

Candy Mariel Juego, an EDSP scholar, said that the training helped her to realize the importance of investing and saving money. “I learned that the investment for health and protection should come first in order for the speculative investment to not go to waste. Even at a young age we should learn how to spend money wisely and try to invest in the stock market,” she said.

From L to R: 44 RWO – NCR Scholars and OFC members attend the Financial Literacy Training and Engineer Marvin James Revilla conducting the Financial Literacy Training.