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March 20, 2018

Iriga City – Number thirteen is just a number with no added flair of negativity as 13 graduates from Iriga City delightfully held their certificates with pride. OWWA RWO5 conducted the five – day live out IT Training in Iriga City Library where nine (9) OFWs plus four (4) OFW dependents have availed of the training.


There were nine (9) modules presented during the training such as Computer Fundamentals, Word Processing Fundamentals, Spreadsheet Fundamentals, Database Fundamentals, Presentation Fundamentals, Digital Media Fundamentals, Internet & World Wide Web Fundamentals, Web Design Fundamentals and Learn and Earn.

The age group of the participants varies having 16 years old as the youngest and 56 being the eldest from the batch.  According to Dominic Sanchez,   IT Trainor who facilitated the training “I personally adjusted the module to let everyone keep up with the workshops, the age group for this batch varies a lot. Some can easily cope up while others can’t.

Previously, the main objective of the IT training was to bridge the communication gap between the OFW and his family, yet with the dawn of technology the interaction between an OFW and his loved ones had become trouble-free with the social applications of today. Currently, its purpose is mainly to increase the chance of every IT graduate lead an employment using the Microsoft Certificate at the end of the training, a fine tool for attachment on every curriculum vitae for overseas or local employment.  The use of computer and the internet are essential tools of today to advance better employment opportunities.