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January 23, 2017
For OWWA, Urgency is the Order of the Day

OWWA Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac is pleased with the outcome of the report prepared by the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) on the implementation of the Single Entry Approach (SEnA) Program for the period of January 1 to November 30, 2016 where OWWA disposed and settled OFW cases within six (6) days from filing. The validated reports by SEnA implementers on 14 December 2016 were submitted to Labor Secretary Silvestre H. Bello lll.   


According to Administrator Cacdac  who practices a  “hands-on management style” particularly on matters involving the welfare and protection of OFWs, SEnA would lessen and/or eradicate the “turu- turuan” system  in filing  cases  where complaining OFWs are being referred from one office to  another which in effect is detrimental to the interest of the public.


During the 11-month period, OWWA handled Requests for Assistance (RFAs) resulting from various cases, namely; contract violations/substitutions, non-payment of wages and overtime pay, payment of end-of-service benefits, mistreatment, maltreatment, poor living condition, retrieval of passport and/or travel documents, among others.


From January to November 2016, OWWA received a total of 5,382 cases and 5,557 RFAs. Out of the 5,382 cases, 5,067 were settled (with settlement rate of 91%) while out of the 5,557 RFAs, 5,273  were disposed (with a disposition rate of 95%), within 6 days from filing or within the 30-day mandatory period. Not a single case was dropped by any OFW-complainant due to lack of interest.


Further, the monetary benefits awarded to 5,671 OFWs by the OWWA was recorded at Php132,919,057.20. The figures showing the disposition and settlement rate in implementing SEnA is a good indication that the agency is capable to handle OFW cases. This gesture, added by the OWWA chief manifests the “trust” and “confidence” from the OFW clients.


OWWA Chief Cacdac stressed that OWWA will continue to serve the interests of the OFWs the best possible way, at the soonest time, since he stresses that he always instills in the minds of the OWWA personnel that “urgency is always the order of the day in OWWA”, that is why every case of OFW is treated as important as any case for that matter.