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OWWA SOCCSKSARGEN Yields Another Pride

December 9, 2014
OWWA SOCCSKSARGEN Yields Another Pride

Mithrica Mae D. Fantone, or Mith as what her friends call her, exemplify an innocent beauty and an undoubtedly pleasing personality. Mith hails from Greenvalley, Midsayap located in the province of North Cotabato. A loving daughter to Mr. Danilo L. Fantone, a Filipino migrant worker manning a foreign vessel for 8 years in pursuit of an improved quality of life for his family.


Mith being a native of a peaceful municipality was stunned by what seemed to be foreign things and practices in the beginning of her journey to educational success. She even asked herself, “was I living under a rock?” This however, she took as a challenge. Mith worked herself out to adapt to the new culture of liberated people while keeping the good moral values her parents taught her back home.


Adjustment period wasn’t easy since Mith had to live a student life alone, away from home and her family. She gained friends who stood by her in difficult times, while some she lost. Mith always believed that it’s inevitable.


Having no idea to augment her parent’s income to support her studies, Mith was thankful she was able to avail the scholarship grant under the OFW Dependent Scholarship Program (ODSP) offered by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration thru the Regional Welfare Office XII. She was motivated to strive harder than she used to, to reciprocate the efforts and sacrifices of her father working overseas. “After all, he was the key to my scholarship”, Mith emphasized.


Davao City, the center of Metro Davao, and the third most populous metropolitan area in the Philippines was never easy to live to especially for a teen like Mith. The cost of living is quite high. Since her allowance comes every month, she learned how to manage her finances responsibly. She even made a record book of her priority list taking into consideration her basic needs over her wants.


Mith admitted she had a hard time on her studies. Medical Laboratory Science wasn’t easy she said. Spending hours on books, dealing with disappointing examination results to sleepless nights of stress and pressure were some of her agonies during her college days. Those experiences however made her a stronger and better person.


She finished her course on March 2014 at San Pedro College in Davao City. After which, Mith underwent a review and later took the Medical Technology Licensure Examination in September 13 and 14, 2014.


On September 17, 2014 thru the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) website, Mith was informed about the examination result. She passed.


While it is often told that dependents of most Filipino migrant workers don’t end successful, OWWA through its young and vibrant scholars continues to prove the notions otherwise.