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February 1, 2018

Engr. Leo De Velez and Mrs. Elaine De Velez represented the Land Based category in the National Capital Region and won the Model OFW Family of the Year Awards (MOFYA) at the Malacanang Palace on 5 December 2017.

The De Velez family expressed their gratitude and honor for winning the Land based Category in the 2017 MOFYA. In the initial interview, Engr. De Velez said that he never expected the recognition of his hard work. As a silent mover in his profession, Engr. De Velez and his family have helped less fortunate people especially children in the field of education, through their business called FrontLearners, Inc.FrontLearners, Inc. started as a partnership between Leo and Elaine and evolved into a business corporation. They established their business because of their dream of giving children the opportunity to have quality education they deserve.  Through the use of effective e-teaching tools for students they developed the app BlendEd Box. The corporation ensures that premium education through the aide of the latest technology is readily accessible to many Filipino learners. The corporation has been helping public schools and communities of indigenous people, like the Aetas from Tarlac, the Bago Tribe from Nueva Ecija, Agtas from Pureg, Sanchez Mira, and the  Isnegs from Kitteg, Sanchez Mira. Their dedication and perseverance led them to succeed in their chosen field because FrontLearners, Inc. has been garnering numerous awards in the country and abroad.

Left: Mrs. Elaine De Velez poses infront of Pureg Elementary School; Right: The students of Pureg Elemntary School line up in attendance 

To date, the FrontLearners, Inc. has already been helping more than 10,000 elementary school students through the BlendEd Box e-learning method. It also received numerous accolades and positive reports from schools claiming that they were able to compete and win in inter-school competitions for the first time.

After winning the 2017 MOFYA competition, Engr. Leo and Elaine De Velez said that they “are humbly honored in receiving the recognition. We hope we can be an additional inspiration to our fellow OFW families.” The De Velez family also congratulated other candidates and remarked that, “Each one of us has an interesting and inspiring story to tell and hopefully motivate our fellow OFW families to be resilient and to persevere in life while working overseas in achieving family goals. We hope our stories can also encourage them to serve their community and the Filipino people sharing their talents, time, and resources.” Lastly, they said that, “By humbly receiving the 2017 National MOFYA, we commit ourselves to the service of our fellow OFW families. We will work closely with OWWA and with many OFW organizations to help our OFWs and their families. Mabuhay ang OFW families at mabuhay ang OWWA!”

The Model OFW Family of the Year Awards is an annual national competition comprised of OFW Family candidates in both Land-based and Sea-based Category coming from different regions. Each vying for the national title in recognition of their significant contributions to the country as OFWs. A rigorous selection process is ensued based on the family’s success in different aspects: education, spiritual, social, and financial. The family’s contribution to the country in terms of charities are also evaluated. With this, MOFYA seeks to recognize OFW families and represents them as models for aspiring OFWs who wish to help their fellow countrymen.