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NAIA now open to GrabCar

April 30, 2016
NAIA now open to GrabCar

Passengers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) will soon be able to book rides with Grab following its official accreditation with the airport management.


The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) and Grab, a Transportation Network Company (TNC), signed an agreement today which allows GrabCar drivers to pick up passengers from the four terminals of the NAIA.


Both parties agree to have the start of operations on March 14.


Grab is the first TNC to be officially accredited by MIAA, allowing NAIA travellers to book GrabCars to and from the airport.


Grab booths will be placed at designated areas at the terminals where booking agents will assist passengers.


Anyone will be able to book a ride even without a smartphone or mobile data connectivity. Multiple bookings can be made at the Grab booths at any one time to cater to more travellers. Those who wish to book a ride with Grab may also do so using their smartphones.


To better facilitate traffic, passengers and Grab drivers will be prompted to proceed to the Grab booths, which also serve as the pick-up points at the arrival curbside areas.


The pick-up locations are as follows:

Terminal 1

Main Arrival Curbside

Terminal 2

Inner Arrival Curbside between Bays 7 and 8

Terminal 3

Secondary Arrival Curbside between bays 5 and 6

Terminal 4



GrabCar operators will be allowed to enter the arrival areas once it receives a confirmed booking.


MIAA General Manager Jose Angel Honrado thanked Grab for sharing in its goal of enhancing passenger experience at the NAIA.


“MIAA and Grab’s vision are aligned with each other. We fully support the innovation that it brings to our goal of further developing our airports,” Honrado says.


“Since we launched GrabCar in the Philippines in 2014, we have focused on transforming the way Filipinos travel. Our partnership with MIAA takes us one step closer to that goal and will make heading to the next destination more convenient for the 50,000 people that arrive at NAIA daily, especially after a long flight,” says Wee Tang Yee, Country Head of Grab Philippines.


This partnership ensures that NAIA travellers enjoy the highest quality transport service, with the agreement encompassing monitoring and accountability services. Grab will provide MIAA an online platform or a “dashboard” which will allow MIAA to monitor, in real-time, GrabCar vehicles that have been booked from NAIA.


Grab will be covered by the same airport policies on traffic management like other transport providers.