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February 1, 2018

Legazpi City – Eighty (80) OWWA scholars from the six provinces of Bicol gathered amidst the pouring rain on December 20 in Legazpi City. This initiative aims to equip the scholars with proficiency in modules of financial literacy and values education. The activity has an added twist of providing fun for the millennials.


They were fed with wisdom from the onset of the program. OWWA Regional Director, Samuel S. Madrid cited, "you are the cream of the crop and you have to show your OFW parents/sibling that you deserve to be called as an OWWA scholar by striving to be the best that you can be as a student". 


While the scholars were infused with knowledge on the concept of savings and knowing themselves, OWWA RWO 5 made sure that they won’t get bored through the exciting activities prepared for them. The attendees were divided into four groups with interesting names such as OWWANAoNE, Team Jedai, OWWA Rangers, Team Dragons and OWWAanderfull Squad.  The series of games made them strategize mentally and physically to tests their wit. Each time a game ends, OWWA RWO5 imparted the values they can get from the competition. 


The activity was capped with a mini cocktail party for the millennials where they got lots of wisdom and pocket full of goodies and cash to share or save.