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Admin Cacdac: “The family is the hope of the OFW”

March 9, 2017
Admin Cacdac-The family is the hope of the OFW

Mr. Hans Leo J. Cacdac, Administrator of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Regional Welfare Office, was invited to talk at the 31st National Migrants’ Sunday (NMS) held at Iloilo City last March 5, 2017.


In his speech, he reiterated on the agency’s focus on welfare, reintegration and livelihood, and especially on child protection, mentioning that most OFWs go out of the country to primarily support their families.

Mr. Hans Leo Cacdac, Administrator, narrates his experiences of being the child of an OFW.

“The family is the most important remittance for an OFW, because they are the reason why they went abroad in the first place,” he said


He announced that OWWA will be holding advocacy campaigns throughout the year that will focus on giving seminars on parenting, values orientation, and early child abuse detection and prevention for the families of OFWs left in the Philippines.