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August 15, 2017

Most students slip into depression, give up on education or their dreams, or take some extreme step after facing failure, life’s challenges, or privation of any kind. But not to a 21 year old CMWSP scholar, who has set an example with her persistence and diligence to realize her dreams. This is the message young Melody Salazar Garin, a Bachelor of Science in Biology graduate, would like to impart to her fellow scholars.


Ms. Garin is a proud scholar of OWWA RWO IV-A. She belongs to Batch 6th under the Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Program (CMWSP). Melody, as she was fondly called, never relented in achieving her goal of finishing her studies despite hectic school activities and academic demand of being a scholar.


Her persistence and patience not only paid off but she emerged on top, victorious of taking the laurel of a cum laude as her reward for being a studious, determined, responsible student and a loving daughter.


Melody gave the following parting words as inspirational message to all whom she loves and for those who supported her during her times of needs:


“It’s been a long journey since the orientation about the scholarship and I hope that OWWA is proud of their scholars like me. Recently, we had our graduation last July 5, 2017 and I was awarded with 3 medals: Cum Laude, Excellence in Biology Research, and Excellence in Community Service. I could not have done it without the continuous support I received through the scholarship especially when it comes to financial aspect. The tuition fee greatly helped in minimizing the school fees I have to pay for each semester. Though I graduated with a course that is not my first choice, I believe that it was indeed God’s best option for me. I believe He planned everything so that I can be someone productive and driven despite the difficulties I faced.” Melody said.


To other OWWA scholars, take the example and words of Melody and live by it and you will soon - like her - reap the fruits of your hard work.